What is WheelSpoking.com?

This web application solves the problem that custom wheel builders face; they would like to lace their spokes to connect the hub and the rim, but need to know what size to order. Many variables will affect the size ordered; including:

The width, flange spoke hole diameter (EHD), number of spokes, offset from center of the hub;
The effective rim diameter (ERD), seat offset, alternating offset, of the rim;
The lacing pattern chosen, number of spokes, nipple length, whether the spoke is laced through the inside or outside of the hub, and more.

Most calculators do not take all of this into account, they just estimate them into ‘something close enough.’ Mine compiles all of these variables, as well as additional details like rim size, tire, valve type, flange diameter and more to draw the rim, show the angles of spoke intersection (so you can see how many crosses you can get on your build before too much overlap), and also see the wheel in motion spinning.

I hope this tool helps other wheelbuilders visualize their wheel before it’s built, and have fun in the process! (And also avoid ordering the wrong size). Enjoy!

Urban MTB Wheels

These are the first wheels I built myself!


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